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This new extremely addicting air traffic game features two play modes including helicopter mode and airplane mode!

  • Probably the most challenging mode. Touch the screen to make the helicopter fly upwards and help it avoid

    passing aircraft. But be careful! This is easier said than done as the congested air traffic changes speed constantly! This mode features two different game plays. In landing mode, earn points and challenge your own high scores every time you land the helicopter safely on the helicopter pad. In take off mode, earn points for every inch your helicopter lifts off the ground!

  • Touch and move around the airplane yoke to help navigate the aircraft through the crowded air traffic that surrounds the airport and runway. But be careful! Other aircraft are plentiful and you will lose if you collide with them. Accumulate points and reach jaw-dropping new high scores by landing the airplane safely on the runway and by staying on the air as long as you can. Beware though, for every plane you land, a bigger and faster one will take its place! Unlock and collect many different world airports as you achieve new scores.

  • Collect and showoff your medals as you reach astonishing new high scores! Each medal gives you a pilot rank and the more points you earn, the higher your rank will be. You will be the envy of all the other pilots as you move up the scale!

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